About Us

Our Mission

To unite people and resources to improve lives in Pettis County.

Our Vision

To be the trusted platform for creating community solutions in Pettis County.

Our Goals

United Way envisions a world where every individual has an opportunity to succeed, and entire communities thrive as a result. We're getting a little closer every day, with help from thousands of people throughout Pettis County. Advancing the common good is less about helping one person at a time and more about changing systems to help all of us. We focus on education, financial stability and health, the building blocks for a good life and a strong community.

How Do Non-profits Become Affiliated with United Way and How Does Affiliation Benefit Non-profits?

Each year, organizations must apply for a program to receive the United Way grant and be accepted as a funded partner of the United Way of Pettis County. Once accepted, the non-profit will be held accountable for the funds they receive by completing two reports annually showing how the funds were spent on a program that aligns with the goals of the UWPC Impact areas of education, health, and financial stability. Non-profits can take advantage of United Way of Pettis County’s fundraising efforts, relationships, and resources so they can determine how their programs can best serve the needs of the local community. United Way affiliation also raises their visibility in the private and public sectors, improving their chances to gain grants and other financial support.

Why Give to United Way and Not Give Directly to an Individual Non-profit?

United Way’s annual campaign efforts give a reliable source of funding to local non-profits. Instead of soliciting individual contributions, organizations can count on United Way to administer a single campaign that raises money for several causes at once. Our funded partners may have additional sources of income; however, United Way donations provide crucial funds for their services and programs. A donation to United Way is an investment in a powerful network of interconnected programs and services. Your donation to United Way has a system-wide impact. For example, if you gave directly to a homeless shelter, that shelter would use the money to provide food and possibly clothing to its’ residents. What happens when the resident of the shelter needs a job and a car to get to the job? Your United Way contribution goes to programs to help individuals find work, transportation, housing, childcare, and so much more. It takes a network of interconnected organizations to help members of Pettis County get back on their feet. When you donate to United Way, you strengthen that system which ultimately strengthens the entire community.