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We have established a fund to provide financial support to local nonprofits for their extra-ordinary and unprecedented expenses related to Covid-19. Our social services nonprofits, which make up the core of our Community Safety Net, provide for many basic needs, including food, clothing, and shelter. The fund we have created, United Way of Pettis County Covid-19 Emergent Needs Response Fund, is providing microgrants to local nonprofits with these emergency expenses. There expenses will help with the increased need to help take care of basic needs such as food, shelter, medical co-pays, supplies needed to keep service providers operational and closing the gap on the needs that arise due to the implications of Covid-19.


Nonprofits looking to apply for this funding can fill out this simple application.
Criteria to Qualify:

  1. Your agency must be a 501(c)(3) organization.
  2. Your agency must be in good standing with the State of MO
  3. Your agency must serve a majority of your clients in Pettis County.


As part of United Way’s response to coronavirus/COVID-19, we have established an urgent needs community fund to support local nonprofits with extraordinary expenses.

These expenses could be anything from purchasing supplies or food to bringing in staff to clean and disinfect. Local nonprofits are on the front lines and a community safety net, and also are starting to see increased, unexpected expenses combined with fundraising shortfalls due to event cancellations.

The United Way Covid-19 Emergent Needs Fund has been established initially with support from the Pettis County Community. Additional funding partners are being sought at this time.

Funds will be made immediately available to nonprofits serving United Way of Pettis County to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. This will be in the form of microgrants to cover purchases of supplies and food as well as the payment of unexpected expenses.

Local nonprofits in need of emergency funding should contact the office at 660-826-2980.


The United Way of Pettis County is mobilzing volunteers to help with supporting requests that are coming from the Community Helpline 660-851-7686, lead by the City of Sedalia and supported by Pettis County and United Way.  Volunteers will be paired with Senior Citizens and those who are most at risk to have their grocereies and medication delivered.   We will also ask these volunteers if they could call the peson they were connected with to check on them and say hi.  This is a time where many are isolated and we are trying to prevent the effects of isolation as well.  We are also securing volunteers to help with the intake calls.  Currently we are being proactive to help ensure that the supports are in place to be activated quickly to prevent delay of support.  If you have an hour or more you can give to help out a neighbor, please volunteer.  We are all in this together.  


Pettis County Health Center

Centers For Disease Control (CDC)