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United Way of Pettis County Grant Applications

2020 United Way of Pettis County Grant Application
Release Date-April 1, 2019
Due Date-uploaded by midnight on May 3, 2019


United Way of Pettis County (UWPC) has a proud history of supporting local nonprofit organizations dedicated to serving the most vulnerable people in our community.   The overall goal of the UWPC is to increase the household medium income by investing in sustainable solutions in the areas of Education, Income Stability, Health and Basic Needs by removing barriers so individuals can live a better quality of life.

United Way of Pettis County announces the opening of the 2020 United Way Grant Application

Every year volunteers help UWPC Board of Directors wisely invest community resources from the annual campaign through an open competitive community-based process. The 2020 grant process is effective for allocating dollars into local programs and initiatives that address the following United Way impact goals:

UWPC Core Principles

  1. Health: Improving Access to Care, and Improving Health Literacy
  2. Education: Improving 3rd grade reading levels, Improving Attendance, Improving  readiness to enter school
  3. Income Stability: Removing Barriers to employment and continued education
  4. Basic Needs: Preventing Homelessness, Preventing Hunger insecurity

Volunteers act as the voice of donors, the community, and work together with a focus on "collective impact" to improve the lives of people who live here and create lasting change in community conditions.  Volunteer input is important and helps guide UWPC Board of Directors in determining the investments that will be made in programming in the 4 UWPC Core Principles.

Grant distribution, a decision made by the Board of Directors, the important evaluation process helps determine an organization’s and/or program's strength, capacity, effectiveness and sustainability.  Other volunteers, CPAs and persons familiar with nonprofit financial statements and IRS 990 forms, evaluate the cost-effectiveness of the program(s), whether they meet eligibility criteria, have good financial accountability and demonstrate financial need.

Grant Applications will be made available on the UWPC website April 1, 2019.  The website is  For applications to be considered, they need to be upload by midnight on May 3, 2019.

There will be 5 Community Sessions to Review the 2019 quarterly reporting and 2020 Grant Application and Process

For additional questions, please email Staci Harrison at or contact her at 660-826-2980.

To volunteer for the United Way Board please contact or 660-826-2980.  Volunteers review grants and/or attend presentations starting May 2019.